Case Study – 3D Product Model For Memory Foam Mattress

We don’t only do client work in Sketchup we also offer a 3D product modelling service so you can create digital mockup of your product.

Case Study

We created this 3D rendering of a product box for one of our clients that is in the memory foam mattress business.

A simple 3D box like this looks great and can boost your sales on retail channels by making your product really stand out. Compare the product phtography that the client was using previously to the new improved product images.

Old Product Photography Image

The clients previous image was dull and did not stand out on the page. Since a memory foam mattress is a product that does not photograph well the solution was to create a photograph of the bedroom that will host the mattress.



New 3D Product Photography Image


 Also customers don’t realise that a memory foam mattress can be vacuum packed and actually comes in quite a small box. Illustrating the box eases the customer concerns about shipping and helps increase conversion rate.

The Results

Visually I think you will agree that the results were impressive, but we are not simply in the business of creating a pretty picture.

We asked the client to provide access to their analyitics so that we could calculate the improvement in conversion rate and return on investment.

Firstly if we look at simple ‘add to cart’ rates went up from 1.3% to 2.5%. This is a massive difference meaning increased sales and profit for out client.

The second thing that we looked at the the product ranking on the Amazon marketplace, since the client sold primarily as a 3rd party selling on

In the weeks that followed the creation of this 3d product model the product ranking shot up the amazon charts which led to more views.

With more eyeball on the product page the return on investment was sizable to say the least!

If you would like i3Dpost to create 3D product images for your business then please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. We would be delighted to help!

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Post Office and Gift Hampers Store Remodelling

We like to document some client projects on this blog to let you see examples of the kind of work that i3Dpost are regularly involved in.

This week we’ve been working on turning a 2D floor plan of a shop refit into a glorious 3D illustration of the planned store layout.

First For Convenience are a UK company hope to refit one of their shops to become both the local post office and a luxury gift hamper store.

Floorplan designs were created by Pride shopfitters of cumbernauld but they are primarily a shopfitting company did not have the 3D modelling capability to provide the type of illustration that First For Convenience wanted. The Post Office are very strict in their planing appication guidelines so the project was more restrictive than normal. We really need to get everything right.


First For Convenience wanted something extra special to really showcase how their shop might look once the interior remodelling was completed to assist with their Post Office sub postmaster application.

This photo on the right is where we started. The simple 2D floorplan provided to us.

Firstly this was scanned and brought into Adoble illustrator. From illustrator we turned the jpeg into a vector image and cleaned everything up.

We then exported and brought the 2D image into SketchUp Pro and we now begin the process of developing the #D illustration.

Look out for later in the month fully rendered versions of the plan. We will post as soon as we have our clients permission. In the meantime checkout the video of us at work.

If you would like i3Dpost to turn your 2D floorplans into 3D illustrations then please get in touch using the contact form.




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